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Yacht club «Fordewind», Tver region, 2008

The yacht club provides berthing (medium water depth is 2,5m) for sailing and motor boats up tp 30m long. Full berthing capacity is 24 boats. The marina equipped with wooden Marinetek pontoons on concrete floats and with boat launch & recovery trailer  Roodberg НВС 38

Steel Yachts Bylinin, Samara, 2008

Boat launch and recovery operations  in service center «Steel Yachts Bylinin» are committed using Roodberg НВС 47 boat trailer which is designed for handling of up to 47 tons and 22m long boats. The trailer has U-shaped adjustable frame.The frame and the pads independantly adjusted to keep boat hull in horizontal position in any circumstances.Pneumatic tires provide stable operations on any […]

Marinetek boat eagle Seaflex Roodberg WardMackenzie
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