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Eastern Yacht Club, St.Petersburg, 2010

First stage of Eastern Yacht Club St.Petersburg has been designed for 80 berth.Second stage for 70 berth is going to be built in 2011. Almost all equipment except service bollards and cleats were made in St.Petersburg.  Powerful concrete floating breakwaters on perimeter of the marina are moored by Seaflex attached to bottom marine anchors Manta Ray. […]

Supply of Seaflex mooring equipment for yacht landing stage in Novosibirsk, 2010

The Seaflex mooring cables type 2050TSBP have been supplied for private landing stage in Novosibirsk on the river Ob’. The landing stage is made of plastic floats and have total length of 25m. The water lavel varies from 2 to 6 meters from bottom of the river due to neibough electric power plant. The Seaflex […]

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