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Renovation berthing infrastructure yacht club «East»

Comprehensive renovation of infrastructure berth yacht club «East» Renovation berthing infrastructure phase 1 Yacht Club, we built in 2010, has increased the capacity of the parking Yacht Club from 38 to 86 seats. Was reversed Project marina were established as a result of new galvanized steel ladder length 12m, new mooring «fingers» Marinetek, modified and […]

A series of works on the installation of floating filling stations FSE 50.1 for oil company «Rosneft»

Installing a floating gas station for small fleet FSE project 50.1 in Novaya Ladoga, Len. region.Gas station installed complete with pontoon Marinetek, equipped Baywatch and ducks for mooring small boats. Refilling is installed on a massive 7m. concrete anchors and chains. Project in Veliky Novgorod. A distinctive feature of the project is the high water […]

Berth for rowing schools in Kolpino

Berth for rowing school Kolpino is based on wooden pontoons Marinetek system 241 on the concrete floats like M200, with decking pine pressure-impregnated with antiseptic. Berth of 2.4 x 12 m. mounted on 4 concrete anchor array and connected with them galvanized chain. To absorb the dynamic loads are provided coastal springs. Berth fitted mooring […]

Private dock for mega yachts for Pestovskoye reservoir. Moscow

                    Pier made ​​of concrete pontoons Marinetek connected in the form of a «T». Pier equipped service columns Rolec with a supply of water, electricity, TV and the Internet. Berth the luxurious flooring from larch, mooring «fingers» and cleats Marinetek, there is also post rescue and avarin ladder. […]

Private dock on the river Volkhov

Private dock a 2.4 x 8m. Located on the Volkhov River, downstream of the hydropower plant. Due to the absence of heavy ice in the flood, can be operated with a berth in the open water area. Pier built on concrete floats joined the powerful wood frame with decking of deck board. All construction treated […]

Berths technical area storage and handling of boats «Valdai»

Piers made ​​of concrete pontoons Finnish company Marinetek. Equipped column Rolec, Baywatch and mooring cleats. Attaching to the bottom of the reservoir berths by chains and anchor arrays. The coast line is equipped dock and slip for lifting boats. On piers supplied electricity and water.

Berths technical zone «Valdai»

The project technical area for small fleet lake Valdai Novgorod region. We set up and put into operation yacht vertical lift capacity of 25t prodaction of ASCOM.

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