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Elling for the storage of yachts

We present our slipways to store boats on the Finnish company Ruukki.

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Constructive building was designed taking into account the long experience of production and operation of steel frames. Typical dimensions of the buildings shown in the figure.

Body-weight characteristics of the frame buildings carefully designed and optimized. Metal buildings as reduced in comparison with similar projects from other manufacturers. A wide range of sizes of buildings — it is possible to select the desired dimensions of the building. Since there is no need to spend time on design work, as soon as delivery time, technical data sheet is available at the facility for 2-3 days.

Installation of the building is maximally simplified (combining the elements of bolted, no welding work on the installation), 9-meter step of the main pillars (which allows you to save substantially on the foundation).

In the technical passport covers all aspects relating to building construction.

The minimum time for obtaining building structures, their installation and commissioning, can reduce the payback period of the object. There are several options for protecting designs complete, from the most cost-effective (the «cold») to the elite («luxury»).

As part of standard structural elements can be implemented non-standard elements: a mezzanine floor intercommunication, partitions, translucent areas of the roof, stairs, organized by the weir, snow stop, fencing, roofing, parapet, a different color scheme of the facade.

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