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A series of works on the installation of floating filling stations FSE 50.1 for oil company «Rosneft»

Installing a floating gas station for small fleet FSE project 50.1 in Novaya Ladoga, Len. region.Gas station installed complete with pontoon Marinetek, equipped Baywatch and ducks for mooring small boats. Refilling is installed on a massive 7m. concrete anchors and chains.

Project in Veliky Novgorod.

A distinctive feature of the project is the high water level difference (up to 8 meters) because of floods and a gateway to r.Volhov.

Project in Vyborg, a yacht club «Lavola.» FFS has also been installed on the concrete arrays and chains. Marinetek concrete pontoon type M2712 provides docking FFS with existing wharf infrastructure.

Marinetek boat eagle Seaflex Roodberg WardMackenzie
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