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Sea walls construction

«Sea Breeze» executes works on shoreline reinforcement using the products and technologies of Gulf Synthetics Inc. (GS) USA. Such as  the plastic piles  made of PVC or composite materials reinforced polymers.

This product has several advantages over traditional steel piles:

  • low price – in terms of seawall area
  • light weight – provides simplicity and ease of transportation and installation
  • corner feature connector – possibility of bending the shoreline
  • specially designed castles – provide high tightness interface
  • exceptional durability
  • aesthetic appearance – possibility to choose any color solutions
  • resistance to aggressive environment, bio-corrosion-resistant UV resistant

Plastic sheet piling piles are used to strengthen and build the shoreline, the strengthening of earthen slopes and walls pits, construction of terraces and shaping the landscape, fencing contaminated sites and storage of hazardous waste, as well as other traditional hydraulic tasks.


Plastic sheet piling piles can be applied only on the basis of the approved project (except for individual projects).

Ways of installation:

  • Hammering —  piles  driven into the ground mechanically  using vibration hammers.
  • Washing out – used in dense soils. To mitigate soil water pumps are used for low or high pressure

Undermining — is applied at construction of a pile wall in stony soil. Piles establish in the dug out ditch which then is filled from two parties with a ballast and is stamped

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