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Construction of individual piers

Buying a house near the water, you always dream of your own boat, pleasure boat, sailing or motor yacht. This may be your own House by the lake or river, and maybe in a cottage village. In any case the boat must carefully store where it is useful, that is, on the shore. How to store a bit: you can just pull a boat ashore, you can bind to the stem of the tree, but you can at the pier. The last method is best suited for the storage of all types and sizes of boats. Also, have your Dock always handy: it can be used for swimming, fishing, and just sit with friends for BBQ.

The pier is easily supplied with water, electricity, lighting, in order to receive maximum comfort and pleasure of owning. We build high quality piers. Most popular among individual owners of holiday cottages is a wooden pontoons on concrete floats.

They are seamlessly blended with wooden house and walking barefoot on a wood surface is much nicer than on concrete. This pier is suitable for mooring boats with a length of up to 10 m. The pontoon consists of strong wooden frame, which is mounted onto concrete floats. Wooden top surface mounted to the frame from the flooring shall board.  The whole construction is processed by antiseptic, during rotting and burning for many years. Standard width of berth or 2 m or 2,4 m and length can be  determined solely by your desire.

Usually the minimum pier length is 6 m , allowing the moor to it laterally 2 boats up to 8 m. long. Pontoons usually fastened by chains to installed at the bottom  «dead» anchors. Chain is very reliable and durable, and work well when the water level drops, up to 2 m.  If water level varies for more than 2 m, we offer mounting with piles or Seaflex  — heavy duty rubber cables, patented Swedish system.

At your request, pier can be equipped with plastic fenders, mooring  «fingers», cleats or bollards, lighting,  water and electricity service bollards, rescue posts swimming ladders, and even special furniture – tables, benches, etc.

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